About PSBP

Having attended the Press Conference at which the European Former Football Players Association (EFPA) had expressed its' aims and ideas, and a further meeting in Warsaw, the idea of establishing The Polish Former Players Association (PSBP) came about.

The aim of association is to unify all football organizations in Poland and assist former players and their families who have fallen upon difficult times.

EFPA offered it's support to PSBP. Initiator and founder of PSBP, Dariusz Dziekanowski, took the steps to formally and legally establish PSBP. The association continues to work in cooperation with EFPA. PSBP wants to organise charity football matches, parties and meetings, organise auctions and acquire sponsors.

Through invitations to people from our sporting world, politicians and other famous people, we are trying to increase our media exposure in order to raise money through these events for those that have fallen upon bad times.


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