Polish Former Football Players Association Statement On Racism In Poland

While instances of racism can still be seen in Poland's stadiums, it is not a widely spread social phenomenon. Each and every act of racially motivated crime - be that an offensive word shouted by hooligans or an instance of physical violence - is one too many. It is however untrue that this kind of behavior dominates Polish sports events or that the Polish society at large is racist and permeated with antisemitic feelings. There are dozens of foreign - born soccer players who are members of Polish league teams - including colleagues from Israel, Africa and South America.

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European Football Championship of Children from Care Homes, 12-13 May 2012

European Football Championships of Children from Care Homes took place on 12-13 May 2012 at the Legia Stadium in Warsaw and was organized by "Hope for EURO" Association. It was precede by 3rd Polish Football Championship, ed 28th April 2012. 


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Polish Former Football Players Association has new address

We would like to inform that Polish Former Football Players Association changed the address of its office:

ul. Zajęcza 13/16

00-351 Warszawa

Poland for All, 14.10.2011

Poland for All, online 14.10.2011On October 14th the Polish Former Football Association (PSBP) in cooperation with an anti-racist organization "Never Again", discount the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism and warsaw City Council launched an anti-racist event "Poland for All".

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European Congress of Former Football Players, 10-11 May 2011

European Congress of Former Football Players was held on 10-11 May 2011 in Warsaw during which there were events as: the tournament of children teams, case buy cialis Conferene, Gala Dinner and game of former football players.


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